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Product Manager

We are looking for: A strong product manager who can understand player needs, link it to game design feature needs and inspire the production team to achieve these features. This role is highly cross-functional, and requires comfort with both data and creative decisions. We offer independence and the ability to learn and grow your skills by having creative freedom and strong ownership over your domain. We want someone who can do hands-on work, gets the vision of the game and also understands player psychology. This role will eventually grow into a senior leadership role within the studio. If you are a good fit, we’ll give you a great package as well as ESOPs.

Responsibilities/ Domain: As a Product Manager, you will be the key connection between players and the production team, providing data-driven insights on how to improve player journeys and also meeting business goals. 

We need you to:

  • Identify player needs and spot opportunities to build features that improve engagement and retention, grow the user base and engage our players.

  • Provide detailed insights regarding game and business model design in order to directly influence the development of our games. Insights will be driven by experience, analysis of competitive and comparable titles, and best practices.

  • Suggest features based on business goals and player impact. Generate expected outcomes by analysing data from existing games, creating forecast models and performing funnel analysis. Added value and improved ROI are expected.

  • Advise higher management team on long term decision making and roadmap planning.

  • Provide valuable input into business cases based on in-depth data analysis and demonstrate how that analysis impacts key product metrics.

  • Be a hub between Community Management and the Production teams, but also external stakeholders.

To apply, please email with the subject line "Applied for {Job Title} - First Name Last Name".

Include a link to your portfolio in the first line, and your resume in the body of the email.

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